Raspberry Pi - Big things come in small packages

  • Servers
  • Building blocks for security and infrastructure
  • AD
  • DNS
  • DHCP
  • Proxy
  • MTA
  • MQTT
  • Monitoring
  • Embedded
  • More!
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  • Workstations
  • Powerful and affordable workstations
  • Office suite
  • Web & email
  • Multi-monitor
  • In your pocket!
  • No subscritpion fees
  • Open source
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The Rapsberry Pi is an inexpensive, versasile IoT device capable of deliverying:

  • rock solild network & server building blocks
  • accessible coding and robotics platforms for students and teachers
  • a complete multi-monitor desktop workstation environmet
  • affordable remote learning packages for students

 Powered by the open source community, the core device and software is reliable and inexpensive while having the flexibility to fill many roles. It excels in core networking and security roles, such as AD, DNS, DHCP, MTA, Proxy, etc.

 Out of the box it also provides a rich environment for coding and robotics, including Python and Java IDEs, Node-RED, Scratch, SmartSIM, Mathematics, LibreOffice, games, and more.

Read all about it at the Raspberry Pi Foundation website.

Contact Us if you want unleash the potential of this awsome IoT device in your home, classroom, offfice, or projects.